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Monday, June 18, 2012

A New Start..

Hi SOT Supporters!

I'm Parys, this summer's Sisters of Today and Tomorrow Intern and Outreach Coordinator. As such one of my duties is managing SOT's blog. It's been a while since the last post but I'm looking forward to giving the blog the life it deserves!
Here's me Y'all!
 So here's my first post, A New Start..

There's nothing better than a fresh, new start. Be it a new haircut or a job change their something exciting that comes along with starting something that you've never started before so of course I was looking forward to my first day working as Ms. Carla Morrison's intern.

It was nothing like I expected!

Many college students have horror stories of internships that gave them absolutely no usable experience and left them bored for the duration of their job, but after the first day I figured that would never be the case with me. Ms. Carla jumped right in, letting me know what I was expected to take care of and making it understood that she had no intention of holding my hand through the process.

I loved it! As one that prefers to work without being watched and at my own pace, I had found my perfect fit. I worked for hours getting myself organized to start the work process and handling my initial tasks and before I knew it I had made more progress than I had realized. And on top of everything else the Auburn Avenue Research Library, our home base, is a great working environment with enough scenery to make even the down time enjoyable!

Along with the office work, Ms. Carla and I took a walking tour of the surrounding downtown Atlanta area and before I knew it I was thrust into the spotlight. In this southern summer heat the walk was a little tasking, but we caught our breath, wiped the sweat off our faces, and smiled through meeting with people that warmly welcomed us. I met with leaders of a few prominent organizations and found myself in places I'd never dreamed I'd be.

So far working for Sisters of Today and Tomorrow has not only been fun, but a learning experience and an opportunity to forge lifelong relationships. I'm definitely looking forward to what the rest of the summer will bring.