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SOT New Haven
SOT New Haven and their Circle of Mentors

Thursday, July 13, 2017


By: Carla Morrison

Have you heard about Sisters of Today and Tomorrow's powerful Sisters Circle? There's only one way to describe it... #Transformative!
What is the Sisters Circle? A safe space for women and girls to connect, share, support, empower and mentor one another.
Professional women and girls from all walks of life sit in a circle and experience dialogue, moderated by a Psycho-Therapist, who raises a series of questions. Through an enlightening verbal exchange, the spirit of a higher power moves the circle, where both the women and girls make an emotional connection - and begin to see their reflection in one another.

Sisters Circle is so personal and reflective, always leaving the group with so much raw emotion. The sentiment shown in the women and girls who participate, is the foundation of what Sisters of Today and Tomorrow was built on - "the village" that engages, empowers, and mentors.

Sisters Circle normally takes place during SOT's National Leadership Conference for Girls, annually in July; culminating a full day of  workshops focused on self esteem, personal development, leadership, financial literacy, writing, health & wellness and more...

After 9 years of producing successful conferences, limited resources have caused SOT to postpone the conference in 2017.  With your support, this critical program can continue to positively impact women and girls for decades to come. As a member of the beloved community, SOT asks you to consider a donation in any amount to help provide funds to sustain our programs and conference.

Donate online, and visit our website to learn more about our history and program outcomes.

About the organization
Formally established in 2008, Sisters of Today and Tomorrow's mission is to transform the lives of girls and the women who raise them, through innovative programs that focus on self esteem building, education, health & wellness and careers/entrepreneurship.

Through the mission of SOT, and the support of many community members and business leaders, the organization has transformed the lives of young women and girls across the country. 

Sisters of Today and Tomorrow's (SOT's) 10-year report card
·  Served over 5,000 youth and adults (through all programs).
·  95% of SOT members are in school (secondary & post-secondary)
·  85% of SOT alumni are now earning college degrees at the following colleges and universities:
      • Alabama A&M University
      • Georgia Institute of Technology
      • Georgia State University
      • Howard University
      • Louisiana State University
      • Quinnipiac University
      • Savannah State University
      • Spelman College
      • Tuskegee University
      • University of Connecticut
      • University of West Georgia
      • Wesleyan University