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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I’ve been on a mission for the past two weeks to establish a few partnerships and get funding for Sisters of Today & Tomorrow (SOT)… And when I think about all the things I go through reaching out to folks and traveling up & down the East Coast, I have to giggle, because I don’t know anybody who does what I do, the way I do it. If you only knew… One day I will share my testimony in its fullness.

It started out Labor Day Weekend, my DC BFF Vivian and her entire family came to pick me up after going on a family trip to MS, GA and South Carolina. We made it back to DC in record time, 10 hours, due to her fast driving FiancĂ©. Once in DC, I took some time to get my game plan together and the next day, I was out pounding the pavement, meeting with Founder Tracy; Dropping off mentoring paper work to DC’s own Oprah Winfrey of radio Triscina Grey (New Haven, CT.’s home girl); Going to the Regan Building and connecting with every DC Politician I could think of from Councilmen Marian Berry, Vince Gray & Kwame to current DC Mayor Fenty. A sista is working to get SOT established in DC, the goal is to be worldwide and you can’t do that without having a chapter in the United States capital… And to keep it 100, as the big “4.0.” draws near, I’m thinking about being closer to home, if not home; so I have develop a stronger northern network.

From DC, I traveled to Connecticut, to meet with a dynamic Sista, Gwen Samuel, Founder, State of Black CT. The following week I met with that ‘new principal with a new vision’, Kermit Carolina, where we went through detailed plans on SOT’s partnership with James Hillhouse High School. It’s official “Sisters of Today & Tomorrow” and “James Hillhouse High School” are partners through SOT’s mentoring program. We’ve signed up quite a few mentors, however we need 35 more. Is there anyone out there, who is willing to save a young person (men & women are welcome)? We are doing online, one on one and group mentoring, connect with me, if you are serious. (

From CT, I went to NY to connect with my NY BFF Traci, as well as former colleagues and then back to DC for the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), where I was in the mix of every black political figure you could think of, even the President of the United States. The first day, of the Caucus, I thought I was going to meet First Lady Michelle Obama, who was present, but I wasn’t on that list, so my day at the Caucus was short lived. Maybe next time I will be on “the list”. However, days to follow I was blessed to be amongst all these great black women politicians, from Georgia’s own Alisha Thomas-Morgan to Congresswomen Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick, Yvette D. Clarke, Barbara Lee, Sheila Jackson Lee as well as Shirley Sherrod and many others whose topic of discussion was mentoring young girls and developing an inter-generational relationship.

Hello!!! Sisters of Today & Tomorrow is in the house… I’m learning to be more tactful in my approach, so I sat back and took detailed notes. I’m following up this week, in addition to inviting all these ladies to SOT’s fundraising events & programs during the month of October, 2010. They don’t know Carla Morrison and how I operate. Alisha knows and is already on board, as she is a long time supporter of SOT, however Congresswomen Kilpatrick, Clarke, both Lee’s and others, have no clue; I will write you a letter and quote you in a minute and do it to a point that whether you meant what you said or not, you will feel compelled to do something towards lifting up SOT.

In addition to the Inter-generational Workshop, I attended “Our Girls-Our Promise”, hosted by Congressman Elijah E. Cummings and moderated by my Bowie State University classmate Comedian MESHELLE, who spoke truth to power in a funny and direct way. The panelists included: Malaak Compton-Rock, Rovenia M. Brock aka Dr. Ro, Bennett College President Julianne Malveaux, Jazsmin Watson-Booth, Dr. Melva Green, Adrienne Watson Carver, Rev. Debra Hickman, Lorna K. Hanley. Susan Taylor brought greetings and the keynote was Senior Advisory to President Barack Obama Valerie Jarrett, who I did meet, took a photo with and will be providing her with detailed information on Sisters of Today & Tomorrow, this week. Although I didn’t meet the First Lady, I did meet the next best person, as Ms. Jarrett oversees the “Women’s & Girls” division at the White House. Thank you Lord, She is exactly who I needed to meet. Mark my words you will see SOT doing something with or in the Whitehouse before 2012. Everything takes time and I’m strategically buying mine.

Shout out to my Atlanta BFF Paul Debnam of the Debnam Group, Ron Highsmith, Petrice Holloway & Benzy Thomas, all who showed me a good time while in DC; Fancy restaurants, parties, great conversations and more… I truly enjoyed myself and the night life in DC, during the CBC.

“Living with Purpose” is what I am doing and the name of Dr. Dorothy Irene Height’s latest book. The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) & National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) hosted “Living the Legacy: A True Tribute to Dr. Dorothy I. Height”, Saturday morning and it was so touching… When I say Dr. Height lived with purpose, I really mean it. Based on the young ladies and seasoned women who spoke, during the tribute, Dr. Height took a serious interest in developing our women and girls into leaders, from Alexis M. Herman, former U.S. Secretary of Labor to Congresswoman Donna Edwards, and countless others. I’m sure Dr. Height can rest easy knowing she has empowered many generations to come through her tireless efforts to mentor women across the nation as well as secure the rights of women.

To top off my CBC experience, I attended the Coca Cola/Georgia Congressional Reception. I was one of the first people to walk in and see Ms. Ingrid Saunders-Jones, who was standing in the center of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, in her deep purple suit, all made up, with open arms, ready to greet us as the music began to play. It was like an angelic experience. (I don’t know if I take for-granted the people of power, who live in Atlanta, that I see on a regular basis or the fact that I haven’t figured out a strategic plan on developing a solid relationship passed the “hi how you doing?”. But when I see the people of power that I know, standing in it (power) I’m always in awe and excited for some reason.) Back to the event, the food was laid out from crab cakes, ham, turkey and greens, to an array of desserts and all the drinks you could in-take, of course a brand of Coke, mixed with any liquor of your choice. Now that was the bomb.

I’m now back in the ATL, up early and ready to pound the pavement to ensure SOT’s “Cocktails & Couture” Fashion Fundraiser has a great turnout, Friday, October 1, 2010, 6pm-8pm at the Havana Club, 3112 Piedmont Rd., Buckhead-Atlanta, Georgia. Co-Host(s): Tyler Perry Studios Executive Vice President Roger Bobb & BET’s Mo’Nique Show Producer Denise Hendricks. $50-donation.

I hope to see you there. We are fundraising to keep the legacies alive of all the women mentioned in this entry, by teaching girls how to become self assured, polite, productive, goal oriented, health conscious, community driven, well rounded business savvy young leaders/ladies and women through Sisters of Today & Tomorrow’s programs.
See you next week. And if you can’t make it, we are accepting donations to: Sisters of Today & Tomorrow, PO Box 54066, Atlanta, Georgia. 30308. (404) 319-2130.