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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


SOT Adventures: LOVING WHAT YOU DO: I’m back in the saddle, both figuratively and literally, after a month long vaca/stay-cation that was really a work-cation. (SMH) It’s fun...


I’m back in the saddle, both figuratively and literally, after a month long vaca/stay-cation that was really a work-cation. (SMH)

It’s funny, because when you love what you do, it’s hard to stop doing it. I was at home chilling and the next thing you know, I was writing down ideas in my journal. Then, I was calling people to get them on board, coordinating SOT “Mommy, Mentor and Me” functions and outings, posting photos on facebook and then had the nerve to organize our next big function, along with additional programming for the Fall. Alls I could do was chuckle and keep it moving…

I never thought I would love what I do so much, that I would continuously work on it in spite of obstacles… You see, I’m suppose, to be Oprah, Sylvia Rhone and/or Terrie Williams (google them) but I’m not, however I’m so loving what I do way more than I thought I would love doing what they do. 

Now that I’m officially back at work, a few things will be happening this month, I’ll be introducing you to a new Outreach Coordinator; Sisters of Today and Tomorrow will debut its film, Saturday, September 15, 2012, 2pm at Auburn Avenue Research Library, downtown Atlanta, and we will be producing our first newsletter (hard copy- so forward me your U.S. Postal mailing address, if you would like a copy –

On Monday, October 1, 2012, Sisters of Today and Tomorrow will make a major announcement; Turn on your television and/or radio, read the newspaper and/or the blogs, because it’s going down in a major way. Everyone will know SOT’s next steps...

The City of Atlanta is in for a big game changing treat… Elm City (I mean the State of Connecticut), don’t fret, you know I always have something for the home-team... Just listen to Hot 93.7 in weeks to come… (What’s up DJ Buck)

Shout out to SOT’s graphic design team Donte and Deviate Publishing; Videographer/editor, D. Jones Productions; Photographer Prime Phocus and our special events d├ęcor specialist Tiphanie Watson of Pulse Inc, along with SOT’s resident caterer Brenda Carter and my dessert specialist “”. And my BFF Paul-i-o, (we still have enough spirits for this year’s reception. The brother bought us cases of Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon for our film presentation last year. Such a good friend…). They are making sure SOT look the part on all fronts…

Peace. CM

SOT Atlanta during SOT "Mommy, Mentor & Me" Outing
Tyler Perry Presents... "U Don't Know Me" by Mark Stinson.

                                          My big sister Alder-Woman Jeanette Morrison & Me
                                          (Carla) as she presents a proclamation in honor of SOT's
                                          "WE ARE THE Village" book debut in New Haven, CT.

                                                 The Morrison Family at my SOT "Mommy,
                                                 Mentor & Me" New Haven Event.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

SOTC 2012: Making A Difference

The entire time I've been interning with Sisters of Today and Tomorrow I've been working toward the big event, the 5th Annual Sisters of Tomorrow Leadership Conference. Whether it was making phone calls to welcoming participants or getting lost downtown trying to drop off yet another batch of flyers it was all for the conference.

I didn't quite know what to expect. I didn't know if the girls were going to be open to talking about life and absorbing what was given to them. I constantly questioned whether or not I had done everything I'd been asked to do. I worried about it all coming together smoothly. But when the day came all my nerves were settled and I knew I had to be focused on doing whatever needed to be done.

Well the conference has come and gone and it was great. The group of girls, most of whom knew nothing of each before the event, left with an understanding that through Sisters of Today and Tomorrow they will always have a support system.

When the day commenced all the girls stay quietly scattered across the auditorium. They grumbled when I asked them to all come together so I could see everyone at once, but that was the last of the complaints. Instead of opening with a spiel about why they were there and more boring stuff they expected to have to listen to I put the ball in their court by inviting someone to introduce themselves.

The youngest conference participant volunteered to go first. She introduced herself and told us that her birthday was tomorrow. SHE WAS ADORABLE!! (The group really bonded over how cute she was.) Following her suit, some more readily than others, everyone introduced themselves and eventually the conversation moved to future career paths. Two young ladies revealed that they wanted to go to school for what I'm in school for right now and of course I shamelessly told them how wonderful University of Georgia is and invited them to come spend some time with me in Athens to see for themselves. (I will NEVER pass up an opportunity to recruit a new Dawg!)

My (Hopeful) Future Georgia Dawgs!

Monday, June 18, 2012

A New Start..

Hi SOT Supporters!

I'm Parys, this summer's Sisters of Today and Tomorrow Intern and Outreach Coordinator. As such one of my duties is managing SOT's blog. It's been a while since the last post but I'm looking forward to giving the blog the life it deserves!
Here's me Y'all!
 So here's my first post, A New Start..

There's nothing better than a fresh, new start. Be it a new haircut or a job change their something exciting that comes along with starting something that you've never started before so of course I was looking forward to my first day working as Ms. Carla Morrison's intern.

It was nothing like I expected!

Many college students have horror stories of internships that gave them absolutely no usable experience and left them bored for the duration of their job, but after the first day I figured that would never be the case with me. Ms. Carla jumped right in, letting me know what I was expected to take care of and making it understood that she had no intention of holding my hand through the process.

I loved it! As one that prefers to work without being watched and at my own pace, I had found my perfect fit. I worked for hours getting myself organized to start the work process and handling my initial tasks and before I knew it I had made more progress than I had realized. And on top of everything else the Auburn Avenue Research Library, our home base, is a great working environment with enough scenery to make even the down time enjoyable!

Along with the office work, Ms. Carla and I took a walking tour of the surrounding downtown Atlanta area and before I knew it I was thrust into the spotlight. In this southern summer heat the walk was a little tasking, but we caught our breath, wiped the sweat off our faces, and smiled through meeting with people that warmly welcomed us. I met with leaders of a few prominent organizations and found myself in places I'd never dreamed I'd be.

So far working for Sisters of Today and Tomorrow has not only been fun, but a learning experience and an opportunity to forge lifelong relationships. I'm definitely looking forward to what the rest of the summer will bring.