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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SOT's 4th Quarter Countdown and Plans

July 28, 2010

The Month of July has been a month of growth for Sisters of Today & Tomorrow (SOT)! We made our national debut on “Good Morning America” (we go back for a 2nd time, Monday, Oct. 18th) and two weeks later hosted an international “Sisters of Tomorrow” Conference, that was a major success!

SOT is doing it and we won’t stop!

As we take the month of August to prepare for the fourth quarter of 2010, we look forward to establishing SOT chapters in both Charlotte, North Carolina and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, as well as participate in CRG’s Labor Day weekend Festivities where SOT gets to showcase the organization.

In addition, we are planning an outstanding anniversary month long celebration, that includes a Spades Tournament (tentative: Saturday, Oct. 2, 2010, 5pm - 9pm); Anniversary/birthday brunch fundraiser (Sunday, Oct. 3, 2010, 2pm - 4pm) with a special guest; A networking fashion show reception “Cocktails & Couture”, to include a book signing with Shanti Das of “The Hip Hop Professional” featuring some of BET’s personalities & executives; A Sisters of Today & Tomorrow book launch in both New Haven, Connecticut & Atlanta, Georgia; The announcement of SOT’s new Board of Directors and the winners of the SOT’s public service announcement (PSA) on & facebook.

Tickets for all events can be purchased on starting September 1, 2010 for all events/programs/tour. We welcome any corporate and media sponsors/partners.
In November Sisters of Today & Tomorrow (SOT) along with Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push and The Stewart Foundation will host our annual youth empowerment conference Sat. Nov. 13,, 2010, SOT’s Education Specialist will conduct a college tour to an HBCU in the Southern Region. And right before Thanksgiving, SOT will join Foundation F.O.C.U.S. in a community service project distributing turkeys.

December will culminate the year with a Holiday Soiree in both New Haven and Atlanta. If you are near during the holidays or our anniversary month, in either city, please join us, we always have a good time during our holiday parties as well as our programs/events.

Continue to check our website:; blog: facebook: Sisters of Today & Tomorrow;
C Morrison SOT; Carla Morrison. Twitter: SistersofToday, CarlaMorrison. and Ning: .

For sponsorship/partnership information, contact: or .

Cast your vote for your favorite SOT Public Service Announcement
SOT Group 1
Check out SOT's group 1 psa, produced by Zina Brown of Life Dreams Entertainment, Britney, Halle & Nia of SOT. And if you are in need of video production to market your dream/business contact: Zina Brown at .
SOT Group 2
Check out SOT's group 2 public service announcement, produced by Zina Brown of Life Dreams Entertainment, Kela, Chloe, Kelsey & Jamallah of SOT.
SOT Group 3
Check out SOT's group 3 public service announcement, produced by Zina Brown of Life Dreams Entertainment, Courtney B, Courtney J, Donja & Marquitta of SOT.

Mission: Sisters of Today & Tomorrow (SOT) mission is to raise the consciousness of women and children through innovative programs that focus on self esteem, education, health & fitness and careers/entrepreneurship.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

SOT Commercial Group 2a.mp4

Sisters of Today & Tomorrow is running a contest among the girls to see which SOT public service announcement can get the most votes. Hook up your friend, sister, cousin, daughter, neice by voting for her SOT video so she can win the big prize, during SOT's anniversary/birthday brunch, Sunday, Oct. 3, 2010, 2-4pm in Atlanta, Georgia. Location: TBA.

SOT Commercial GROUP 3.mp4

Sisters of Today & Tomorrow is running a contest amongst the SOT members on the best SOT public service announcement. Which one do you like best? Vote on Facebook: Sisters of Today & Tomorrow . Roger that!

SOT Commercial group 1.mp4

Sisters of Today & Tomorrow is running a contest among the members to see which SOT public service announcement can get the most votes... Vote for your favorite psa on facebook: Sisters of Today & Tomorrow .

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SOT Conference Overview

I know it's been two weeks since I last posted something... After my outburst, God woke me up in the middle of the night and had me to write a letter. Those who know me from College, know I'm a letter writing fool, who gets results...
I did just that, I wrote a letter to my 10,000+ distribution list of contacts (I've met and/or spoke to everyone on my list at least one time, during my 20 year career in the music/communications/journalism/nonprofit business) asking them to donate $100.00. Just imagine if 10,000+ people donated $100.00 to Sisters of Today & Tomorrow, that would have been so awesome and we would and could do so many things to have a big successful conference as well as grow the organization. Well that wasn't the case... Not even 1 percent of the 10,000 people donated, however I did get a few calls and that was good enough, because "Sisters of Today & Tomorrow", out did themselves with the 2010 International "Sisters of Tomorrow" Conference.
We took lemons and made lemonade... Instead of having a catered lunch, SOT Volunteers and Moms made the sandwiches, complements of our lunch sponsor: Alfreda Johnson, a DC Educator. We bought our meats, bread, chips, fruit and granola bars from SAM'S Club, our drinks were donated by Pepsi Company (Crush Soda and Aquafina Water is so good).
And between the fundraising the 1st group of SOT members did earlier in the year (selling cupcakes), we were able to get our t-shirts and give new SOT members a SOT T-shirt. And that wasn't even the kicker...
Every presenter from Author Tracy Nicole to Videographer Zina Brown was dynamic with the girls over the 2-day conference, and just when we thought the conference was over, we were invited by the Atlanta City Mayor's Office of Constituent Affairs to tour City Hall on that Friday; So in a round about way, SOT had a 3-day conference, in spite of lack of funding. We made a day out of Friday's tour of City Hall. We ate lunch at the Underground Atlanta and experienced the National Black Arts Festival at Centennial Olympic Park and to top it off, my girl Angela Jones of CNN treated the girls to ice cream and soda pop. God is good... And he always provides me with the right people to support me and my mission, at the right time.
I'm learning, when you decide not to be mad, but think and think strategically, you can accomplish so much more. SOT recieved additional donations and from people and places I didn't even think about, like my twin/original "Dirty Bird" mom Eartha Whitfield-Jackson (Former Atlanta Falcons' Bob Whitfield's mom) and my high school mate Malik Beyah. Thanks ya'll. There were so many others who donated (see the list below), but those two are resources I have that I didn't even think of tapping into and when I recieved Eartha's check with a note telling me to keep up the great work, it just touched my heart.
Forreal, Sista Chit Chat isn't making a dime right now. I know we SOT looks good, however you have to remember, I'm a journalist and a publicist, so I can make anything look good. My journalistic and publicist resources has helped me to get all that we have gotten and the fact that some people just recognize my sincereity to do something positive for our young people.
God is Good!!!!
I have a praying mother; And she as well as my daddy instilled some things in me that keeps me motivated to keep on keeping on. So no matter what my post may say, good, bad or ugly; trust, Sista Chit Chat aka Carla Morrison aka Sisters of Today & Tomorrow is here to stay. Where else we going to go?
During the conference, we also, recruited 2 new members: Jamallah & Kelsy. Really nice girls. And did I tell you we had a sister from Japan there? Nia, who is our SOT Conference sista. This is her second year attending the conference. Shout out to her dad Anthony and WAOK 1380am, where her dad heard me talking about the conference last year.
Next year you should attend SOT Conference. You are guaranteed to be inspired, empowered, become self aware and have a whole lot of fun...
Shout out to performers: South Carolina's own teen sensation Amina Gaines and Sister Singing Duo Chloe & Halle Bailey who performed during SOT Conference. You all were great!
And thanks to all our presentsers.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Struggle of the SOT Conference Plight

Earlier today, I was too emotional to get on and blog about SOT. I wasn't sure if I was hungry, (because I hadn't eaten all day, just griddin' it out all over town), tired or both or just plain angry because none of the big business folks I know are supporting our upcoming conference with a financial contribution and my bank keeps telling bold face lies on why they can't be a sponsor.

Well, I'm not emotional now, I've eaten, taken a nap and have been inspired by that young tenderoni R&B Singer Trey Songz and my former classmate Troy Taylor, Executive Producer for Trey Songz & CEO of Song Book Entertainment. "I've worked hard to get here and I'm going to continue to work hard to stay," said Trey Songz.

The same for me. I've been doing my thing in entertainment, communications and community relations for a long time. I've developed too many relationships across the globe as a journalist, publicist, community activist and entrepreneur, to give up because it appears no one is biting on sponosoring Sisters of Today & Tomorrow and all of our wonderful programs to empower women & girls, including this upcoming "Sisters of Tomorrow" Conference, next week. As Troy said, it's when you are at your lowest, just know God is working on something great for you. And I believe that, Jack! I'm not at my lowest, but I do feel bad when I continue to get rejected from people who decision making power, know me and know my mission to do good.

So what I'm doing, is continuing to keep it real with myself and this upcoming conference.

I made an executive decision today. The SOT Conference has been cut down to two days instead of 3 days. I have to be smart about a not so smart decision to still have a conference when the funding is just not there. Yo Mayor Reed, where you at!? Tharon? But if you know Carla Morrison, you know she can't let anything go with out a fight to the end. Meaning if I come up with an idea and begin to implement it, I can't let it go, when all signs say "STOP".

For some unbalanced reason I have to keep going. But as I grow, I'm learning to let go little by little. And as a business person move on to the next profitable thing. However I'm a woman, so I'm born emotional and as the person God created, anything I'm involved in is always about a greater cause than money, because I'm driven by meaning and purpose, not money.

I know, that's noble, but not good in business. So I'm learning to become more...

So, for now, the struggle continues and SOT will have its 3rd Annual SOT Conference next week and it will be awesome and meaningful as always. The funny thing about me blogging and if I keep it real with my readers, although this entry blog sounds sad and things may not be going right today, next week I'll be telling you how Oprah called and wants me to travel with her, Gayle and Malaak Compton-Rock (Chis Rock's wife) to South Africa to visit her school and come on her show to talk about my work with the Sisters of Today & Tomorrow.

That sounds far fetch, but if you've experienced the things I've experienced, or know me well, you know it's bound to happen. Or something close to it. Did I tell you we've been invited back to Good Morning America during SOT's anniversary month? See crazy stuff like that happens all the time, but getting funding is my struggle, not publicity, because that's what I do. And in the words of DJ Khaled, "we/I'm the best". ;)

I'll keep you posted and let you know what happens next week. Have a good one. CM

Monday, July 5, 2010

SOT Adventures: SOT's GMA Experience and SOT Conference

SOT Adventures: SOT's GMA Experience and SOT Conference: "I've been back in Atlanta for 2 days, since Sisters of Today & Tomorrow's (SOT) Good Morning America debut, catching up on some much needed ..."

SOT's GMA Experience and SOT Conference

I've been back in Atlanta for 2 days, since Sisters of Today & Tomorrow's (SOT) Good Morning America debut, catching up on some much needed rest. I'm almost there, but my mind keeps me up thinking about next week's Sisters of Tomorrow National Conference, featuring some of the baddest sistas on the planet.

I swear this nonprofit world is definitely a different kind of beast. You are always looking and asking for money to fund this and that. So, although we are one week and a day away from the best of the best SOT Conference, I still have to get out here and pound this pavement for funds. Shout out to DC Educator Alfreda Johnson who is sending in $100.00 to go towards the girls lunch. Thanks Freda!

At this point, I'm going to do my follow up with the people and businesses I've already planted seed with and leave the rest up to GOD! Doing a 3-day conference on a wing and a prayer can become stressful if you don't know when to cancel or say, "it's in your hands GOD". I really never knew when to say it, or cancel, because I've always had some bit of hope and at times I still don't know, but today, I've made the decision, I not only have to say it, but believe it and act it out. And that's what I'm doing. "The conference is still on and I'm leaving it in your hands, GOD".

Now that GMA experience..., I just have to say "You did that GOD". Forreal! everything went off without a hitch and the girls were so happy, which made me happy. Shout out to: Traci Humphrey, New Haven's Girl Empowerment Group, and ofcourse the parents and members of Sisters of Today & Tomorrow (SOT). You too Ramonia Highsmith who rounded up the troops in New Haven and my cousin Taunya Brogden who has been promoting SOT on the DL (I didn't even know until your girl and her daughters joined us). Thanks so much for the love.

And to top it off, SOT has been invited back for a 2nd time during our anniversary month, October 18, 2010. This time, we are going to have SOT polo shirts and/or SOT hoodies. If there is a corporation that is interested in sponsoring this trip, and our shirts for 50 women and girls, hit me up, (404) 319-2130, or .

The SOT/GMA Experience was a blast, the girls met Sunny Anderson (a sista Chef from the Food Network), and some of the hosts of GMA. They took photos with them all. The girls also filmed and took photos of Mary J. Blige, thanks to Best Buy, who provided us with video cameras. The girls were really happy to MJB and most of them felt like seeing MJB was like watching themselves in a mirror. It was really interesting to see their reactions to MJB. After the concert both the Girls Empowerment Group and SOT did lunch in NYC. I on the other hand took the first train smoking back to New Haven. Shout out to J-Ru Da Damager... She picked me up and we hung out up until it was time to head back to the ATL. Shout out to the Givan Family.

I also got the chance to see and spend time with the original Sister of Today & Tomorrow, mom dukes aka Bettye Morrison, who planted the seed in me at the tender age of 9, of empowering girls and women. Thanks mommy. What have you gotten me into? I don't know, but I believe this is my calling, so we straight. ;)

SOT GMA Experience
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Friday, July 2, 2010

SOT on Good Morning America Now!!!

In the words of Margaret Lopes an SOT CT Mom. "Everybody is on da train!" Good Morning America, here Sisters of Today & Tomorrow comes!!!! See you on TV. Make sure to watch or come join us. CM

Thursday, July 1, 2010

SOT 24 Hour Countdown to Good Morning America / NY Experience

Now we are down to 24 hours until Sisters of Today & Tomorrow's (SOT) GMA experience. I didn't forget to post at the 48 hour mark, but I was so busy reconnecting with my soror (ZPhiB), giving out the Sisters of Today & Tomorrow (SOT) T-Shirts and enjoying my dad, by the time I looked up, I was dead tired. However things are good. Enjoying the best pizza in the world which is any New Haven, Connecticut Pizza spot, however Pizza House, Whalley Pizza and Kimberly Ave Pizza are my favs.
Shout out to Kermit Carolina, and my alma-mater James Hillhouse High School and the Inner City Newspaper, all of whom are SOT, Supporters/Sponsors/Partners. They always show us love.
In a few hours I will be hooping back on Metro-North headed to Best Buy in NY to pick up our Flip Camera's compliments of Best Buy (WOLF). It's so good to have companies that invest in our youth. This GMA/NY experience is going to be awesome.
I'll try to hit you up right before the GMA appearance tomorrow. "Sisters of Today and Sisters of Tomorrow, you can be a leader, you don't have to follow... From C.T., to N.Y. Philly, D.C., A.T.L., Alabama, Florida and Cali, England, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, Sisters of Today & Tomorrow, you know I gotcha." - 4Eva, #1 Rap artist in Connecticut (verses from Sisters of Today & Tomorrow's Anthem).

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