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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Struggle of the SOT Conference Plight

Earlier today, I was too emotional to get on and blog about SOT. I wasn't sure if I was hungry, (because I hadn't eaten all day, just griddin' it out all over town), tired or both or just plain angry because none of the big business folks I know are supporting our upcoming conference with a financial contribution and my bank keeps telling bold face lies on why they can't be a sponsor.

Well, I'm not emotional now, I've eaten, taken a nap and have been inspired by that young tenderoni R&B Singer Trey Songz and my former classmate Troy Taylor, Executive Producer for Trey Songz & CEO of Song Book Entertainment. "I've worked hard to get here and I'm going to continue to work hard to stay," said Trey Songz.

The same for me. I've been doing my thing in entertainment, communications and community relations for a long time. I've developed too many relationships across the globe as a journalist, publicist, community activist and entrepreneur, to give up because it appears no one is biting on sponosoring Sisters of Today & Tomorrow and all of our wonderful programs to empower women & girls, including this upcoming "Sisters of Tomorrow" Conference, next week. As Troy said, it's when you are at your lowest, just know God is working on something great for you. And I believe that, Jack! I'm not at my lowest, but I do feel bad when I continue to get rejected from people who decision making power, know me and know my mission to do good.

So what I'm doing, is continuing to keep it real with myself and this upcoming conference.

I made an executive decision today. The SOT Conference has been cut down to two days instead of 3 days. I have to be smart about a not so smart decision to still have a conference when the funding is just not there. Yo Mayor Reed, where you at!? Tharon? But if you know Carla Morrison, you know she can't let anything go with out a fight to the end. Meaning if I come up with an idea and begin to implement it, I can't let it go, when all signs say "STOP".

For some unbalanced reason I have to keep going. But as I grow, I'm learning to let go little by little. And as a business person move on to the next profitable thing. However I'm a woman, so I'm born emotional and as the person God created, anything I'm involved in is always about a greater cause than money, because I'm driven by meaning and purpose, not money.

I know, that's noble, but not good in business. So I'm learning to become more...

So, for now, the struggle continues and SOT will have its 3rd Annual SOT Conference next week and it will be awesome and meaningful as always. The funny thing about me blogging and if I keep it real with my readers, although this entry blog sounds sad and things may not be going right today, next week I'll be telling you how Oprah called and wants me to travel with her, Gayle and Malaak Compton-Rock (Chis Rock's wife) to South Africa to visit her school and come on her show to talk about my work with the Sisters of Today & Tomorrow.

That sounds far fetch, but if you've experienced the things I've experienced, or know me well, you know it's bound to happen. Or something close to it. Did I tell you we've been invited back to Good Morning America during SOT's anniversary month? See crazy stuff like that happens all the time, but getting funding is my struggle, not publicity, because that's what I do. And in the words of DJ Khaled, "we/I'm the best". ;)

I'll keep you posted and let you know what happens next week. Have a good one. CM

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  1. First off you were on my mind yesterday! What kind of help do you need next week? I'm unable to be there in the day, but let me know.

    Keep your head up!