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Thursday, July 1, 2010

SOT 24 Hour Countdown to Good Morning America / NY Experience

Now we are down to 24 hours until Sisters of Today & Tomorrow's (SOT) GMA experience. I didn't forget to post at the 48 hour mark, but I was so busy reconnecting with my soror (ZPhiB), giving out the Sisters of Today & Tomorrow (SOT) T-Shirts and enjoying my dad, by the time I looked up, I was dead tired. However things are good. Enjoying the best pizza in the world which is any New Haven, Connecticut Pizza spot, however Pizza House, Whalley Pizza and Kimberly Ave Pizza are my favs.
Shout out to Kermit Carolina, and my alma-mater James Hillhouse High School and the Inner City Newspaper, all of whom are SOT, Supporters/Sponsors/Partners. They always show us love.
In a few hours I will be hooping back on Metro-North headed to Best Buy in NY to pick up our Flip Camera's compliments of Best Buy (WOLF). It's so good to have companies that invest in our youth. This GMA/NY experience is going to be awesome.
I'll try to hit you up right before the GMA appearance tomorrow. "Sisters of Today and Sisters of Tomorrow, you can be a leader, you don't have to follow... From C.T., to N.Y. Philly, D.C., A.T.L., Alabama, Florida and Cali, England, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, Sisters of Today & Tomorrow, you know I gotcha." - 4Eva, #1 Rap artist in Connecticut (verses from Sisters of Today & Tomorrow's Anthem).

Sponsored by:
Best Buy (WOLF).
Chit Chat Communications.

Media Sponsors:
Inner City Newspaper, New Haven, CT., Atlanta, GA.
Westside Gazette, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

SOT Partner:
APEX Museum, Atlanta, GA.

Friends of SOT:
Traci Humphrey, New York, NY.
Vivian Hughes, Washington, DC.

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