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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Life is so funny… My favorite Soror Huff told me the other day she doesn’t think I can look at anything I do without seeing the negative aspect in it. And she is so right…

It took getting in a quiet space at 4am this morning and going through my photos from this past weekend of events to see I had a successful event, in my hometown, I have folks who love and support me and I may have had more fun in college than I give myself credit.

You see, “Murphy’s Law” was in full swing this past week, on all fronts… From the
“Good Morning America” adventure with Hillhouse students to Sisters of Today & Tomorrow’s “Cocktails & Couture” Fashion Fundraiser. I could make you laugh and cry in describing all the things that took place between Wednesday and Friday evening, however I’m not ready to relive it through my writings, so if you can wait until the book is done, this will be a chapter that will give you a good laugh and possibly a long sigh.

Those who know me well understand that “Carla Morrison”, takes pride in being on point, especially when it comes to her businesses. And because I take pride in what I do, as fate would have it, I was shown you can only do your best and leave the rest up to the man upstairs.

You see, I put a lot into what I do in every way, from planning out an event or program for a client or my organization to supporting and helping others, I only do what I believe in and passionate about…

After reviewing my photos this morning, I’m seeing,
1.) I made a major difference in a number of young people’s lives by taking them and exposing them to NYC and Good Morning America. 2.) I had a wonderful intimate reception/fundraiser for Sisters of Today & Tomorrow in my hometown, where I saw the results of my labor through my SOT girls that spoke and presented well. 3.) I will always have at least one Zeta supporting me, in any endeavor I take on. (As I look back that has always been the case, from Cynthia Georges driving me all the way from Connecticut to DC for a Communications Career Expo in the early 90’s to Vivian flying across country with me on my aspiration trips to be the greatest Publicist/Writer/Community Activist in the world, to Huff popping up on the scene at any given time to show love and support or even back tracking from South Carolina to Atlanta to pick me up and bring me home to Veronica helping me with the first of many SOT fundraisers in Connecticut and then us road tripping to BSU homecoming, which is just what I needed.)

Things weren’t as bad as they seemed because this weekend ended up being full of all the things I love and stand proud on… My nonprofit, my sorors, a good old fashion road trip and the Communications Department of Bowie State University… And as I continue to become more centered, I will make a conscious decision to only acknowledge the good or great in all that I do, as I’ve always done when speaking of others.

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