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Monday, July 5, 2010

SOT's GMA Experience and SOT Conference

I've been back in Atlanta for 2 days, since Sisters of Today & Tomorrow's (SOT) Good Morning America debut, catching up on some much needed rest. I'm almost there, but my mind keeps me up thinking about next week's Sisters of Tomorrow National Conference, featuring some of the baddest sistas on the planet.

I swear this nonprofit world is definitely a different kind of beast. You are always looking and asking for money to fund this and that. So, although we are one week and a day away from the best of the best SOT Conference, I still have to get out here and pound this pavement for funds. Shout out to DC Educator Alfreda Johnson who is sending in $100.00 to go towards the girls lunch. Thanks Freda!

At this point, I'm going to do my follow up with the people and businesses I've already planted seed with and leave the rest up to GOD! Doing a 3-day conference on a wing and a prayer can become stressful if you don't know when to cancel or say, "it's in your hands GOD". I really never knew when to say it, or cancel, because I've always had some bit of hope and at times I still don't know, but today, I've made the decision, I not only have to say it, but believe it and act it out. And that's what I'm doing. "The conference is still on and I'm leaving it in your hands, GOD".

Now that GMA experience..., I just have to say "You did that GOD". Forreal! everything went off without a hitch and the girls were so happy, which made me happy. Shout out to: Traci Humphrey, New Haven's Girl Empowerment Group, and ofcourse the parents and members of Sisters of Today & Tomorrow (SOT). You too Ramonia Highsmith who rounded up the troops in New Haven and my cousin Taunya Brogden who has been promoting SOT on the DL (I didn't even know until your girl and her daughters joined us). Thanks so much for the love.

And to top it off, SOT has been invited back for a 2nd time during our anniversary month, October 18, 2010. This time, we are going to have SOT polo shirts and/or SOT hoodies. If there is a corporation that is interested in sponsoring this trip, and our shirts for 50 women and girls, hit me up, (404) 319-2130, or .

The SOT/GMA Experience was a blast, the girls met Sunny Anderson (a sista Chef from the Food Network), and some of the hosts of GMA. They took photos with them all. The girls also filmed and took photos of Mary J. Blige, thanks to Best Buy, who provided us with video cameras. The girls were really happy to MJB and most of them felt like seeing MJB was like watching themselves in a mirror. It was really interesting to see their reactions to MJB. After the concert both the Girls Empowerment Group and SOT did lunch in NYC. I on the other hand took the first train smoking back to New Haven. Shout out to J-Ru Da Damager... She picked me up and we hung out up until it was time to head back to the ATL. Shout out to the Givan Family.

I also got the chance to see and spend time with the original Sister of Today & Tomorrow, mom dukes aka Bettye Morrison, who planted the seed in me at the tender age of 9, of empowering girls and women. Thanks mommy. What have you gotten me into? I don't know, but I believe this is my calling, so we straight. ;)

SOT GMA Experience
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  1. Nice meeting you ladies in Central Park for the holiday weekend! Thanks for the smiles and much success in all your endeavors! I am so happy to read about good people doing good things!!