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Friday, April 10, 2015


“Girls emulate the first person they see; and in most cases that person is their mother. Growing up, I did everything my mother did. And as an adult, not only do I look like her, I talk, walk and act just like my mother, which is seen in the work that I do…” – Carla Morrison, Founder of Sisters of Today and Tomorrow

As Mother’s Day approaches, join Sisters of Today and Tomorrow’s 30-day Mother’s Day Challenge, by honoring your mother with a video sharing a life-long lesson she has taught you; And a donation to Sisters of Today and Tomorrow. ALL PROCEEDS OF THIS 30-DAY CHALLENGE are tax deductible and WILL SUPPORT Sisters of Today and Tomorrow’s “Mommy, Mentor and Me” program, in addition to our overall mission. Sisters of Today and Tomorrow’s mission is to transform the lives of girls and the women who raise them, through innovative programs focused on self-esteem, education, health & fitness and careers / entrepreneurship.

The “Mommy, Mentor and Me” program is a series of activities that include, but not limited to: Special outings, health & wellness workshops, cooking demonstrations, etiquette classes and tea parties, where we explore strengthening the bond between mother, daughter and mentor.

#MothersDaygiftideas #MothersDayChallenge
The Challenge:
Honor your mother, by sharing on video a life-long lesson she has taught you and donating to Sisters of Today & Tomorrow.
There are two categories: 1.) Funny or 2.) Sincere/Heart felt.
Steps to get involved:
1.            Like Sisters of Today & Tomorrow’s facebook page: 
(Twitter & Instagram) @SistersofToday
2.            Create your Mother’s Day video message in 90 seconds or less. 
3.            Upload your Mother’s Day video message onto your page and tag Sisters of Today & Tomorrow’s facebook page.
4.            Once the video is uploaded, SHARE WITH YOUR NETWORK.
5.            Challenge your friends to make a video and donate in honor of their mother to Sisters of Today & Tomorrow.
6.            Make a donation in honor of your MOTHER or SPECIAL WOMAN IN YOUR LIFE to Sisters of Today & Tomorrow.

You can make a donation in honor of your Mother, Godmother, Grandmother, Aunt or Mentor to Sisters of Today & Tomorrow, online: (click the donate button); Telephone: 404-319-2130 or mail: Sisters of Today & Tomorrow, PO Box 54066, Atlanta, Georgia. 30308. #MothersDaygiftideas #MothersDayChallenge

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